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Art Director for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Alethea now is a director and producer. Her first feature film, “Part Time Fabulous,” available on Amazon, won eight festival awards for her directing. Her first music video “Lonely” won her three film festival awards for “Best Music Video.” She also produced a promo for AMFM Fest called, “A Love Story” which won an Emmy for “Best Short Form.”


Andrew Ferchland is known to Buffy fans as “The Anointed/Annoying One” from seasons 1 and 2. Andrew is Co-Founder and Producer at Monkey Suit Productions, and is presently producing a new web series and getting back in front of the camera


A motivator, storyteller, and unifier; like a mix between Oprah, Tony Robbins, and the Old Spice Guy.

He is currently hosting The Rundown web series for 20th Century Fox, Ask Your Black Geek Friend for Geek and Sundry, Rise UP with B. Dave Walters on Party 93.4 FM out of Hudson Valley, New York, as well as a nationally syndicated columnist on the topics of spirituality and relationships for the He is the author of one book, “49 Lost Secrets of Peace, Love, and Money”.

In addition to being writer and co-creator of the Electropunk comic series, he is the winner of the “Be the Next Beliefnet Featured Blogger” contest for in the Hope & Inspiration category. Featured panelist at San Diego Comic-Con and Wonder Con on the topic of Spiritual Themes in Comics and Media.  


Actor, Prosthetics-wearer, and Motion Capture Artist // Camden Toy appeared as a lead Gentlemen along with Doug Jones in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 episode HUSH, as the Gnarl Demon and UberVamp villains in Season 7, as well as the Prince of Lies in Season 5 of Angel.


Chris scored Buffy seasons 2 thru 6, Angel season 1, and received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for his score to the Buffy episode, “Becoming, Part 1.”  In 2000, the cheerleading comedy Bring It On launched Beck’s film career, which includes such diverse credits as R.I.P.D., Under The Tuscan Sun, Edge of Tomorrow, Crazy Stupid Love, The Muppets, Pitch Perfect, and the Hangover trilogy. More recently, Chris scored Frozen, both of Marvel’s Ant-Man films, and Avengers: Endgame


Known as a true “working actor”, Christopher has guest starred on many popular television shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Castle, Heroes, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY, and appears on the big screen opposite Sam Elliott in the highly acclaimed, highly anticipated film, The Hero.

​Christopher’s musical talents have also kept him busy as a member of the country’s premiere Beach Boys tribute band, Surfin’, and as one half of the pop/rock ukulele duo, Uke Box Heroes – the other half being his wife, actress Miracle Laurie.


Buffy fans will remember Dagney as Kathy Newman, Buffy’s demon college roommate with an affinity for labeling eggs, ironing jeans, and listening to Cher. She recently starred on The Middle, and with Whedon alum Nathan Fillion on the final season of Castle. Dagney recently wrote the award winning one-act play, “Stay”.


Actor, Storyteller, Voice Actor, Prosthetics wearer, Motion Capture, Stuntman and Bringer of the Silly on Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World.

Outside of the Whedonverse (is there such a thing?) Damion was in HBO’s True Blood and the first rebooted Star Trek film.


American Filmmaker and CEO of entertainment production company, Cowboy Errant.  E.J. is Creator and Executive Producer for multiple film and television projects, including Nobility:The Series.


Known by Whedon fans for his amazing artwork on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Serenity/Firefly comic series for Dark Horse Comics, Georges is an Eisner Award winning, NY Times Bestselling artist. Hand picked by Joss to breath life into the Firefly series, he smartly signed on! This 20 year vet of the four color medium has enjoyed a successful career at Marvel drawing such titles as Bishop the Last X Man, Weapon X, Deadpool, Gambit and Wolverine, as well as making a mark for himself at DC Comics with Green Lantern, Superboy, and Superman to name a few.


Actor, Musician, Producer // Gigi stole the hearts of sci-fi enthusiasts as the mischievous Chiana on Farscape, becoming one of the most popular and at times controversial characters in the series. She hosted Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy Channel. Currently, she stars in the audio drama, Uncharted Regions.


Iyari played Kennedy, one of the lead Potential Slayers in the final 13 episodes of Buffy Season 7. Iyari began her acting career in an episode of ER, followed by Undressed, Without a Trace, and CW’s Jane The Virgin.


Known as Sunnydale’s Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, Jack has built a career as an award-winning actor, director and performance coach.  He has appeared in multiple TV shows, commercials and features (117 credits on IMDB) including Grace and Frankie, Z Nation, The Mentalist, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Reno 911, Action, Ellen, and Drawn Together, and his appearance in the films Meet the Fockers, Down With Love, Rubber, Wrong, and Gods and Monsters.

Jack co-wrote and directed the Broadway musical, Disaster! (NY Times “Critics’ Pick”!) and the Sony Pictures feature film, Space Station 76, starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer.


James is known as the demon Clem on Buffy.  James turned the original five-line part at the beginning of season six into a regular recurring role in both seasons 6 and 7.

James has kept his craft sharp over the years, producing and acting in live theatre projects in Austin, Texas including Hard-ish Bodies” and his blog on Geek Nation as Confessions of a G-List Celebrity. He recently finished the upcoming feature, A Room Full Of Nothing.


Actor and musician, Marsters portrayed vampire and villain-turned-hero Spike on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He was also the voice of Zamasu on the anime series Dragon Ball Super:Doragon bôru cho, appeared in the film Abruptio, and plays Victor Stein/Jonah on the Marvel/Hulu series Runaways.


Fans will recognized Joe from his guest roles on Buffy, Bones, and recently CSI. A actor, voice actor and stage director, who is most active in voice over roles in various animation shows, films and video games. He writes for film and TV and coaches an eclectic celebrity clientele (including Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Dave Bautista).


A writer, producer and consultant in the film, television & video game industry, Jonathan is also the best selling author of the indie pulp novel The Geek, another novel called Blood Rebellious, among other more recent works. If you see him roaming the exhibit hall shopping, feel free to say hi. Just don’t get between him and any sweet merch he’s got his eye on.


Jonathan is a trifecta of the Whedonverse. He appeared as Holden Webster in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Conversations with Dead People”, as Knox in the fifth season of the series Angel, and as Tracey in the Firefly episode “The Message”. In 2010 he starred in the film Drones directed by Buffy alums Amber Benson and Adam Busch.

Presently he Is a storyteller, producer, and correspondent with WFUV News and Maine Public Radio plus his own podcast JWoodward Podcast.


Julia cut her teeth/landed her first career role on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. First named Sister Sunshine/Chantarelle, Lily, and then Anne (all the same character), Julia continued to recur on Buffy and its spin-off, “Angel” over a period of 8 years, making her last appearance in the series finale of “Angel” in May 2004.  A veteran of both stage and screen, Julia has guest starred on Charmed, completed feature roles in Vin Diesel’s movie “A Man Apart”, the skate flick, “Grind” and pilots for Fox and MTV, among others. Julia is lending her image to Disneyland and Disneyworld as the Constance, The Black Widow Bride in their famed Haunted Mansion ride.


Know to fans as Darla, the vampire who sired Angel, Julie is also known for her intense role as Rita Bennett on Dexter, for which she won the 2006 Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and the 2009 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Juliet is an actress, director, producer and writer. Past acting highlights include Drusilla on BUFFY & ANGEL and co-starring in Tim Burton’s ED WOOD as Loretta King. She is currently recurring in season 5 of Amazon’s BOSCH, playing Rita Tedesco.

Juliet just helmed her visionary, feature film directorial debut, A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD. An incredibly personal film, Juliet likens telling this revealing tale to skinning herself alive. She stars in the venture, which includes large cameos with Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Joss Whedon and Anne Rice, appearing for the first time in a movie.

Also in the works and partially completed is THE UNDEAD SERIES. Every one of the talented artists in A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD came back to participate in the series, as did Tim Burton, Willem Dafoe and many other notables. Landau co-wrote 2 issues of the ANGEL comic book for IDW, and has penned the companion coffee table book to THE UNDEAD SERIES called BOOK OF THE UNDEAD.


Known for his artwork on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/OZ Miniseries, Overwatch and World of Warcraft: Legion series for Dark Horse Comics, and Senior Art Editor for Blizzard.


Mark is a television and motion picture writer/producer whose new sci-fi series, Pandora, debuts on the CW this summer. In addition to being a writer/producer on such series as “The Librarians,” “Agent X” and “Castle” he is the co-author of “Slayers & Vampires: The Complete, Uncensored Oral History of Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel” from Tor Books,  a follow-up to their bestselling two-volume “Star Trek” series, “The Fifty-Year Mission” which was released to nearly unanimous critical acclaim including raves in The Wall Street Journal, Booklist and Publishers Weekly.  Altman is also the writer/producer of the cult classic, “Free Enterprise,” starring William Shatner and the co-host of the popular Inglorious Treksperts podcast. Twitter/Instagram: @markaaltman


Mark Lutz was the titular vampire’s romantic rival, the inter-dimensional warrior The Groosalugg on the series “Angel”.  

After his tenure in the Scum Pits of Ur, Mark has continued his work both in front of and behind the camera, going on to write and produce three films. An avid swimmer and diver, he set several Canadian National records, and swam for Canada in World Cup and Olympic trials, before a shoulder injury ended his career.  

Drawing on his swimming experience, he later wrote and starred in Victor (2008), the critically acclaimed story of Canadian swimming star Victor Davis.  He has also appeared in recurring roles on such shows as “Transporter: The Series,” “Flashpoint,” and “Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side.”


You’ll recognize Matt as the love-lorne (get it?) Gene Rainey in the Angel episode Happy Anniversary. TV series include “Get Shorty,” “Providence,” “Will and Grace,” “Working,” “The Tick,” “Angel,” “Monk,” “CSI Miami,” “NCIS,” “Boston Legal,” “The Ghost Whisperer,” “‘Til Death,” “Numbers,” “Retired at 35,” and “Miss Match”. Film include “The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man,” “The Pentagon Wars”, “The Specials,” “For Christ’s Sake”, “Crime and Punishment in Suburbia” and “Because I Said So.”

As a comedian, he’s performed at the Ontario, Irvine, Hollywood and Denver Improvs, Laugh Factory, World Famous Comedy Store, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Acme Comedy Theatre, Ice House, Comedy Union, Rooster T. Feathers, San Francisco Punchline, and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He’s appeared with national headliners like Nick Swardson, Christopher Titus, Jon Reep, Tom Rhodes. Jamie Kennedy and Natasha Leggero.


Filmmaker, Emmy nominated producer, and internationally award-winning author. From Indie to Studio, from creating, writing, consulting to producing, Matthew has been involved with 15+ projects and has written his debut novel Solar Reboot in the short 5 years he has been in the entertainment business. Matthew is proof that you are never too old to start something new, and to never give up on your dreams. He loves doing panels, speaking engagements and workshops to share what he knows with aspiring filmmakers, writers and authors. 
Projects include, Photovoltaic, 5th Passenger, Electron Blade, King of Hearts, Nobility, Unsaid, and JUNKIE and many more. Matthew’s debut novel Solar Reboot is a multiple award-winning novel and will soon be released worldwide in an Audio book.


Miracle is best known for her role as Mellie/November on Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE. She also boasts numerous film & TV projects with Alan Cumming, Garret Dillahunt, Josh Duhamel & Dan Fogler. Her newest project, “Insane Jane,” based off the cult comic book from Bluewater/StormFront Productions is currently in development. It is the story of a deluded, yet-well-meaning heroine who believes she has super powers…and just might. When not acting or producing, she is one half the duo UKE BOX HEROES with her husband, actor Christopher May.


Steven began writing and producing television over 30 years ago. Some of his most notable credits include his work on over 100 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess.


Summer is a trifecta of the Whedonverse – portraying a Russian Ballerina in Angel, River Tam in Firefly/Serenity, and Bennett Halverson in Dollhouse. Summer began her career as a ballerina and found her way to acting after being discover by Joss Whedon for Angel. Summer received her first Saturn Award for her work on Firefly, her second as the Terminator in FOX series Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Over the next few years Summer recurred on many series including Arrow/CW, The 440, Alphas, and starred in NBC series The Cape. Some of her voice work includes Kara in Superman Apocalypse, Wendy in Petr Panzerfaust, and she played herself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Writer and Professor of Cinematic Arts, Thomas has written for the long-running CBS’ drama JAG and the Family Channel sitcom Big Brother Jake.  Presently Thomas  is chair and professor of the Department of Cinematic Arts at Azusa Pacific University.


Tim’s motion picture credits include the Harbinger in the Whedon/Goodard film The Cabin in The Woods, Spider-Man (playing Mary Jane Watson’s father), Fight Club, Live Free or Die Hard, Woods, Untracable, and Demon Knight.  Television series include Agent Carter, the various Star Trek TV franchises,  Prime Suspect, Mad Men, Justified, The Forgotten, Lost, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Prison Break, Deadwood, The Shield, Cold Case, Quantum Leap, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and NYPD Blue.

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